Welcome to La-La Kids!

We are excited to announce the launch La-La Kids! We are a music label focused on creating music for kids. After the birth of our daughter in 2012, we really realized how important good music is to her development and well-being. We set out to create a record label for kids that merged sound-science, age-old philosophy and professional music production to make records that not only promote fun, but also help kids cope with different stages of their development – especially sleep!

With the release of our first album Sleep, Baby, Sleep, we’ve really gained a focus on one of the most important aspects of early childhood development – restful sleep. Good sleep not only promotes healthy growth for our children, it also promotes healthy living for us parents, too!

Our philosophy is pretty simple: good music, good sleep, good fun…

© 2012 B.Chancellor

Here are some of the fantastic things people have had to say:

I absolutely love what La-La Kids is doing. I recommend them to everybody with children! ★★★★
– Aaron R., Ph.D./parent


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